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  • Can I install the battery on the right side?
    Yes you can. On all Harmonik models it is possible to place the battery on both the bass or treble sides.
  • Is it possible to install Harmonik on 60 or 80 bass accordions?
    Sure! All Harmonik models can be downsized from 5 to 4 or even 3 microphones allowing installation on accordions from 8 to 120 basses
  • What if I prefer the straight bellows cable (not spiral) is it possible?
    Yes! Just order this cable when ordering your Harmonik.
  • Is it possible to have the stereo HQ model (bass and treble on separated output)?
    Yea! Just ask Harmonik when ordering!
  • What are the differences between HQ and PLUS models?
    HQ models have individual volume control. PLUS models have volume controls, tone (bass/treble) and mono/stereo switch. In this video we explain in detail:
  • What are the differences between lines 5001 and 501?
    Basically, the microphones and the circuit. In practice, the 5001 line is also superior live and on recordings. In this video we explain these differences in detail:
  • There's no space on the right side for Jack socket, what to do?
    It is possible to install the jack on the bass side. When ordering your Harmonik, we send you the installation manual that explains how to do this modification.
  • My accordion has “sordine”, can I install a Harmonik?
    Yea! If you can't get it with a traditional model, we have a special model for this type of accordion. Get in touch via WhatsApp.
  • Can I install my Harmonik myself?
  • Does using a cable with Phantom Power damage the Harmonik mics?
    No, Harmonik has protection in case this happens.
  • AC1001-DUAL is only for accordion with cassoto?
    No. We also recommend it for fourth or fifth reeds accordions without cassoto. That way the mics will cover all notes in all registers perfectly.
  • Do all captures accompany the ON-BATT (red and blue LEDs)?
  • How long does the battery last after lighting the ON-BATT red LED?
    It depends on the mic model and the battery quality. We made a video talking about it:
  • How long does the battery last after lighting the ON-BATT red LED?
    It depends on the mic model and the battery quality. We made a video talking about it:
  • Does the mics get the noise of the mechanic valves?
    Much less than other brands on the market. Mechanical noise is absorbed by the suspension system of the microphones, thus capturing only the sound of the valve (not the vibration), which is natural to the instrument.
  • Do I need to seal the accordion grill to not have feedback problem?
    Never! Harmonik designed its pickups to solve the problem of feedback without altering the acoustic accordion sound using high directional mics and an special circuit.
  • Does it work well for free bass accordions?
    Very good! We also can provide an extra microphone for the basses to ensure that all notes are captured with the same intensity.
  • What holes are required for installation?
    A hole for jack, potentiometers and bellows wiring. Altogether 5 holes that do not affect the structure or the sound of the accordion at all.
  • Which Battery case is right for my accordion?
    It depends on the space available on the bass’ compartment. That's why we offer 3 different battery box formats. Take a look at this video:
  • What is tone control for?
    The tone control is a kind of one-button equalizer that can make the sound brighter or warmer and serves to correct the response of the monitor or to tone the instrument according to the musician's taste or to the Music style.
  • Where to buy my Harmonik?
    With an authorized dealer or directly with Harmonik WhatsApp.
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  • Do I need to remove the guitar botton to get it installed?
    Never! The installation is all done through the sound hole and often it is not even necessary to remove the strings.
  • What instruments is the GT02 compatible with?
    Nylon guitars, steel, 12 strings and others.
  • How is the installation done?
    By a luthier or technician, it is installed through the sound hole of the instrument, with no need to cut or change the structure of the guitar.
  • Does GT02 work for 8-string guitars or more?
    Yea! We have a special piezo for 8-string guitars and in the case of more strings it is possible to add an extra sensor.
  • How long does the battery last?
    It depends on the model of the mic and the quality of the battery. Generally, 60 hours or more.
  • How to buy GT02?
    With an authorized dealer or directly with Harmonik WhatsApp
  • Can I only use microphones on stage?
    Yes you can! The FS anti-feedback system allows you to use only microphones with high volume and no feedback.
  • How many frequency notch are there for piezo and microphones?
    20 for the microphones and 10 for the piezo. The FS set for the piezo does not affect the microphone and vice versa.
  • Do FS frequency notch affect the sound?
    On the contrary, they balance the frequencies that are instable, improving the instrument's sound and stability.
  • How do I adjust how much of each microphone I want in the mix?
    Inside the product box, we send a mini tool that allows this adjustment, which must be done right after installation in order to find the best tone.
  • Are there technicians authorized to install the GT02?
    No. The musician chooses the technician he trusts. Harmonik sends a very detailed installation manual and is available for any questions.
  • What is the GT02 warranty?
    1 year for manufacturing defects. After this period, Harmonik provides lifetime assistance for its products, charging only the costs.
  • Is it possible to separate piezo and microphones into different channels?
    No. And this is an advantage because the GT02 internally makes a special process of mixing each element and quickly, which facilitates the adjustment of the musician and makes the sound check much more practical.
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