The ON-BATT is an accessory that contains a  blue LED * to indicate that the pickup is ON and also a red LED that indicates that the battery should be replaced avoiding disturbances during the show and unnecessary battery changes.

* The blue ON LED can be disabled so only the red LED will operate to indicate battery replacement.

The ON-BATT can be installed in any  accordion system!



Mono e Stereo - Os dois modelos são de alta qualidade, com plugs Neutrik. Indicamos o CABO P10 MONO para os modelos de captações AC401-HQ, AC501-HQ e AC5001-HQ, o CABO P10 STEREO, conhecido como cabo Y, serve para separar em canais diferente os baixos dos teclados, recomendamos para os modelos AC501-PLUS e AC5001-PLUS. Ambos com comprimento de 6 metros



Always thinking about the accordionist's comfort, Harmonik offers a quick way to replace the battery.

High quality cases with spring contact, eliminating the use of cables and connectors.

Available in vertical and horizontal formats!