Combining great price and high sound quality, the Harmonik AC401-HQ is designed for accordionists who wish to have their first stage experiences, beginners, semi-professionals and also professionals, offering a complete solution to amplify the sound of your accordion.
        Homogeneous pickup with 4 directional microphones for the right hand and 1 omni-directional for the basses, this system allows to capture with the same intensity the whole extension of the keyboard, from the lowest notes to the most acute and can be installed in accordions from 8 to 120 basses.
        The AC401-HQ system utilizes the respected Neutrik ® brand jack where the musician is guaranteed optimal electrical contact when plugging his cable.
        High quality and sealed potentiometers prevent dust particles from invading the electrical contacts thus ensuring increased life of the volume control circuit.

Technical specifications:

Microphones for the keyboard:

• Polar Pattern: Cardioid (Directional).

Microphone for Basses:

• Polar Pattern: Omnidirectional.

Output Connector: P10 Mono.

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